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YOU for Yourself!

Most often, especially during the dark times of life, our eyes search for the light in that of someone else’s who looks into our eyes and say – “I am always with you.”

Ears thrive to hear these soothing words which melts all the pains in no second and fills life with the brightest colours.

But to be frank, most of the time these words flown out from a loving heart might not stay true. Yes, because no one can stay with you always; 24/7, every second, every moment!! Except for one!

There is one such person in everyone’s life who’s gonna stay with you always; literally 24/7. And that is, You. You alone! You are the only person who’s gonna stay with you always.

No matter where you are,

No matter who you are,

No matter how you are,

No matter you are stuck in a network-less area shouting for help,

You will always be there for you!

It is you, who can really help yourself.

So, Love yourself the most. Have faith in oneself; more than in God.

nstead of believing someone else out there, trust yourself first. Of course, the world might help you. But remember, the help that comes from within you, is gonna strengthen you, empower you. And shall build your confidence.

Depend on yourself. This shall introduce you to the mightiest potentials hidden within you.

Some build you and some break you to give chance to build yourself. Life is a journey of ups and downs; may not be something very extravagant to flaunt, but neither is it so mediocre to not celebrate.

“Help yourself”
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