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Time, a healer or a filler ?

There is this widespread idea that “Time heals everything” or “things get better with time” or when you go through any period of loss, disappointment, grief, hopelessness, everyone would repeat the saying “just give it some time”

So, Does time does heal all wounds?

Well…No, not really.

Time is not a healer. On the other hand , time can be used well for healing purposes.

We take time and shape it in order to do inner work. It is inner work coupled with courage and honesty that heals all wounds. When time is used well, in terms of healing wounds, then it is because we do something specific with and within it. Individual factors can play a big role when it comes to emotional pain.

The way we process our feelings is important. Feelings may change over time, for better or worse. In that sense, it seems as though time could be more of a contributor to our emotional pain then the healer of it. If we are unable to accept feelings as they are, then they become compounded with unnecessary extra feelings. In times of emotional healing, continuously replaying tragic events or inventing “what-if” scenarios can be especially harmful to us when we are in this vulnerable state of mind.

Healing comes from new perspectives, which need time to develop. Time, of course, does not actually possess the ability to do anything. But

  • Can help you process a painful event

  • Allows for self-reflection

  • Can help people make space for new activities and people

  • Facilitates growth

Healing comes in stages and it’s important part of healing. Try not to guilt yourself if you heal slower than you want to. Everybody heals on their own timeline. So have patience and offer yourself grace during this time.

Healing means learning to live in your new reality, learning to find meaning after your experience. Nothing and no amount of time, can make you who you were before. PERIOD!

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