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I’d Rather Be Single And ‘On My Own,’ Than With Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Me Or My Opinions

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Being single is still looked down upon in our society. However, women are taking a stand and not being in toxic relationships where they aren't respected.

There are two school of thoughts – One says when people are afraid of being lonely and criticised by others, they find or choose a partner. Meanwhile the second one says being single is not scary, neither is it something one should be ashamed of. Moreover, it certainly doesn’t mean you are lonely.

I’m sure a lot of you must have date some men who made you feel like a princess at the beginning of the relationship. However, as the relationship progressed, they would have made you feel horrible about yourself.

So, here’s the thing – being single is not scary, being in a claustrophobic relationship is. And asking for love, respect and getting hut when you don’t receive it is also scary.

Tears and getting hurt

‘I am not scared of crying, I am scared of getting hurt,’ a lot of us have definitely said this. And getting hurt or having your hear broken will bring anyone to tears.

However, crying doesn’t make you any less a person. It is okay to cry. But making false promises, while the other person cares for you and treats you with love and respect, is not.

There’s words but no understanding

I am not afraid of conversations, I am afraid of talking with a guy who doesn’t understand me. Conversations are more than just listening. A person who doesn’t respect and criticise ideas and opinions will not be able to have a meaningful interesting relationship. Most of their relationships will probably fail due to their know-it-all attitude.

I’d rather be with me than bad company

I am not afraid of spending time alone, I am afraid of doing so in bad company. There are a lot of things you can do on your own, for which you don’t really need company.

However, when someone thinks spending time together or partaking in activities together is a mere obligation, it is better you spend time with yourself.

Mistakes are fine but being with the wrong guy isn’t

I am not afraid of making mistakes, but the only mistake I am scared of is being with a wrong guy. Mistakes teach me what I should or shouldn’t do. They are a part of life and often give valuable life lessons. But, imagine being with someone who judges you solely on the basis of your mistakes. That is a horrible feeling and you don’t need to be with someone who doesn’t see you past your mistakes.

I am afraid of making love without emotions

I am not afraid of making love, I am afraid of making love without emotions. If there is no warmth, and emotional or mental connection, it is simply an act of satisfying ones physical needs. To me, it feels like objectifying a human who has feelings and desires.

I just want to be with someone who lets me be

I am not afraid of being by myself, I am afraid of being with someone who doesn’t let me be myself. Being with someone who makes me feel like nothing I do is good enough or someone who tries to make me someone I am not isn’t worth my time or feelings. Neither is someone who cannot accept me as I am with my flaws and past.

One can explore herself, have self-love and self-esteem and value herself in this tiny world without being lost and judged.
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